Star Formation near the Sun
is driven by expansion of the Local Bubble

The discovery that the 1000-light-year-wide "Local Bubble" surrounding the Sun and Earth is responsible for the formation of all nearby, young stars was first presented in a paper published in Nature on January 12, 2022. Please use this page to find news, publications and talks, visuals (images, interactives, and videos), team info, and data. And, if we forgot something, just let us know—and we'll try to include it in future updates!


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Science Dr. Catherine Zucker; Prof. Alyssa Goodman; Dr. Shmuel Bialy, Mr. Michael Foley, Prof. Douglas Finkbeiner, Ms. Diana Khimey

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Science Dr. Catherine Zucker

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Science Univ. Prof. João Alves; Dr. Josefa Groβschedl, Mr. Cameren Swiggum

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