The MMMUSD-CESU Wellness Podcasts began last summer when 10 CESU employees attended the Wellness Institute in Chittenden VT. Along with doing some great wellness activities, the group wanted to bring some wellness initiatives back to CESU/MMMUSD. This podcast is one of those efforts where we interview staff at all our schools and find out how they incorporate wellness into their lives and share it with the students. Have a listen and enjoy! If you are interested in being interviewed for the podcast click here.

Jake Magnan, Farm to School Coordinator at CHMS, RES, Smilie, and JES talks with us on this episode. Jake works with community farms and in our schools to promote healthy eating. He runs student taste tests and coordinates fundraisers for purchasing local vegetables to families in the area.

Links mentioned: CHMS/RES Farm to School Fundraiser - Harvest Bundle Sigma Nutrition

How I built this Planet Money Ritter Sports Performance

Sabattis Twichell, French and World Language teacher, and Laura Zambarano, Spanish and World Languages teacher, from CHMS talk with us on this episode. These ladies teach foreign language at the middle school and both have interesting and unique ways to stay well in their lives. Sabattis loves to hike and do yoga, preferring a more individual way of working out. Laura is a long time soccer player and enjoys the camaraderie of team sports to get her exercise in. These ladies are animated and interesting as they tell their experiences with each of their wellness activities. Listen into this 26 minute interview.

Links mentioned: Adirondack 46 high peaks Camels Hump State Park Vt Women's Soccer

Chris Baron is our guest on this episode. He is a librarian at Underhill Central School and Underhill ID School. Chris is an avid mountain biker and skier and talks about how he embraces these 2 things to stay healthy and well in his active life. Chris loves to ride his mountain bike. He is active in clearing and creating new mountain bike trails in Underhill and other areas of Chittenden county. Listen to this episode to find out the details!

Links mentions: Fellowship of the Wheel Vt Mt Bike Association Brewster River Mt Bike Club Smugg's Ski Area

Andrea Sandy is our guest on this episode. She is Administrative Assistant/Receptionist at Central Office. Andrea talks with us about how she stays healthy with her family by eating consciously, working out and traveling with her family. She tells us about some of her travels and how she stays healthy so that she can do her job well and enjoy life.

Brian Godfrey talks with us on the podcast this edition. He is a Physical Education Teacher at RES. Brian is also a graduate of our school district! In this interview he talks about how he stays healthy and well with a young family to tend to and a busy job at the elementary school. Brian uses things like clean eating and preparing food ahead of time to keep his nutrition on target and he also has adjusted his activities that he enjoys to include things like skiing and being outdoors with his family so they stay healthy too. Brian discusses how he has integrated healthy choices in to his curriculum with his students as well.

Amanda James talks with us on the podcast this edition. She is an Educational Support Assistant at Underhill Central School. She shares how she has started using essential oils in her life to create wellness and also how she has made some lotions and lip balms for staff as a way to share her love of essential oils with the staff at UCS. Listen in to hear how she does it!

Joyce Yoo Babbitt is on the podcast today. She is the Librarian at Browns River Middle School. She shares how she has had a morning journaling writing ritual for many years. Her ritual includes writing in her gratitude journal, reflecting on the previous day and the day ahead and all the things that she is grateful for. Joyce also talks about working with students writers in the library.

Links mentioned: National Novel Writing Month

Podcasts that Joyce listens to: HerMoney with Jean Chatzky NPR News

Amanda Cowan is our guest today. Amanda teaches PE at Smilie, Underhill ID and Underhill Central Elementary schools. Amanda talks with us about how she balanced having a family and work and fits yoga and running into her schedule. She also shares several of the school wide health initiatives that are going on in our district schools as well as her experience leading a group of girls in Girls on the Run Program.

Resources mentioned: Girls on the Run

Katie LeFrancois is our guest today. Katie is a 4th grade teacher at RES and shares with us how she stays well in her life by making healthy meals with her family. She also shares some mindfulness phrases and breathing that she does with her class on a daily basis. She shares tools that she has in her class for students to use to move and get ready to learn.

Podcasts that Katie listens to: This American Life Fresh Air Serial

Resources mentioned: Modern Mindfullness Hemmett Heath

Dave Tisdell is our guest today. Dave is a music teacher at BRMS and shares with us how he stays well in his life by using meditation to calm his mind and relieve stress. He also shares some breathing methods that he uses with his students before a performance that works to calm them down EVERY TIME!

Podcasts that Dave listens to: The Moth Reveal On Being

Laura Labrie is our guest today. Laura is a guidance counselor at CHMS and shares with us how she stays well in her life by learning to say "No" and also starting to run. She explains how that helps her in her work with students at CHMS.

Today’s guest was Alison Forrest who is the Food Service Manager at Brewster-Pierce Memorial School and lives in Huntington. Alison talked about how she stays well in her own life and how she creates healthy meals for the students which she has done for 30 years.

Link mentioned: VPR Splendid Table Podcast Sample Lunch Menu

Today’s guest was Ariane Ehtesham who is a 4th grade teacher at JES and is married with 2 children and lives in Huntington. Ariane’s wellness initiative this past year was to learn how to adjust to having an empty nest at home and how she was able to lose 30 pounds by changing her eating habits, walking her dogs and running 2 miles a day on the weekends. She shares with us how she adjusted her activity levels and what changed in her diet to make things happen for her.

Links mentioned: VPR But Why Podcast Weight Watchers Recipes with Points How to make Cauliflower rice

Today’s guest was Emily Lee who is a special educator at Jericho Elementary School and is married with 3 children and lives in S. Hero. Emily’s wellness initiative this past year is to get 40 running bibs by the time she turns 40. She still has 2 years to go and is already ½ way there. Emily shares with us how she got started walking, then running, then running a LOT! Listen in to hear how she did it. She will share her “star” strategy for success with us!

Colleen O’Brien - Social Studies Teacher at MMUHS and busy mom of 2 young daughters and married to a husband who is in graduate school. Colleen shares with us how she started a regular walking program and fits it into her busy life and has been able to lose 15 pounds in the past 6 months.

Darcy Brouillette - Support Services in the MMUHS Learning Lab, has a daughter in college and high school and lives with her husband in Essex Junction. She has successfully lost 93 pounds in the past year and she shares with us how she did it. She will tell us about her daily routine and support systems for success!

Links: New York Times 7 minute workout Leslie Sasone’s 1 Mile in home walk

Today’s guest is Gigi Weisman, who is a team consultant for primarily autistic students in our district. Gigi shares with us how she gains calmness by drawing Zentangles for herself and her students as a way to do meditative drawing to center and stay grounded. She shares how she uses it with her students and also how her family has been a big motivator to her to stay well and healthy. Listen in to hear how she does it!Links:

In Chittenden Vermont at the Wellness Institute which is sponsored by the Path to Wellness. CESU/MMMUSD sent 10 employees to the Institute in June 2016 to attend many wellness workshops and fun classes which got us moving, enjoying nature and tuning into our spirit animals! One of the goals is for the group was to bring wellness back to our schools and the way that they decided to do that was to create a Wellness Podcast. In this session you will hear from the attendees as they tell about an experience or person who motivated and inspired them in their wellness journey over the last year.