Upcoming Dates/Information

Summer Reading Bingo!

Each student received the Bingo Sheet (first page only) to keep track of their summer reading. They should write the title and author in each bingo square to keep track. Students should be prepared to write book recommendations for their classmates in the fall.

Friday, August 31st: Hosmer Point Field trip

Hosmer Point permission slip for CHMS

Hosmer Point release form --Both of these forms are needed to attend the trip!

Hannah Lindsey--Language Arts and Social Studies

Hannah grew up on in the Seattle area and came to Vermont to attend UVM. She loves encouraging students to challenge themselves and explore their creativity. Hannah enjoys using technology to engage students and discover their strengths. Hannah has a passion for the arts, and during her spare moments you can find her curled up with a book, creating a new art project, or exploring the great outdoors of Vermont with her husband and their rescue dog, Kiki.

Dave Jensen--Math and Science