Welcome to Sequoia!

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Upcoming Dates/Information:

  • Wednesday & Thursday, Sept 18 & 19 --> BioBlitz at CHMS
  • Thursday-Friday, Sept. 26-27 --> Overnight at Grand Isle State Park


Ms. Shusterman (Math/SS): rachel.shusterman@mmuusd.org

Ms. Fary (ELA/Science):


Mrs. Smith (math co-teacher): roxanne.smith@mmuusd.org

Mr. Eriksson (ELA co-teacher/Sp. Ed): andreas.eriksson@mmuusd.org


Meet the Sequoia teachers:

Sandra Fary, who lives in Jericho, teaches English/language arts and science. This will be her 28th year teaching. She has taught kindergarten through 12th grade, but loves 7th and 8th grade the most. As an outdoor enthusiast, she believes science should be a hands-on, field experience, whereby students learn about the natural world by investigating their local place. She spends her summers kayaking, hiking, mountain biking and playing disc golf all around Vermont with her two sons (Cooper age 17; Owen age 14). In her spare time, she tends her various gardens, trains for Spartan races, reads novels, and tries out new kale recipes. She looks forward to the science adventures she will have with her upcoming students.

Rachel Shusterman, who lives in South Burlington, teaches mathematics and social studies. This will be her 8th year teaching at CHMS. Rachel spent her summer teaching summer school in Burlington, swimming in Lake Champlain, and traveling around the region to explore new (and old) areas to hike, swim, and relax. Her highlights were a jetboating/whitewater trip in Montreal and traveling to Fenway for a Red Sox game! In her spare time, she loves curling up with a good book, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.