Daily Schedule

4th Grade Team

* Please note our Integrated Arts (specials) have changed to an A, B, C Rotation. Please have your child wear tennis shoes on PE days.

Mrs. Samora Mrs. Jahnke Ms.Kenny

A- Computers A-PE A- Music/Art

B-PE B- Music/Art B-Computers

C- Music/Art C- Computers C-PE

MCSD 2018-19 Board Approved Jan 2018 (1).pdf

Routine for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

7:55-8:55 Social Studies/Science

8:55--9:45 Specials Classes

9:45-10:05 Read-a-loud / snacks

10:05-11:00 BRIDGES MATH instruction

11:00-11:30 WIN (differentiated instruction for math for ALL KIDS)

11:35-12:15 LUNCH/RECESS

12:15-1:45 Reading CKLA

1:45-1:55 Recess

1:55-2:15 Number Corner

2:15-3:00 WIN (differentiated instruction for reading for ALL KIDS)

3:05 Home (except Wednesday at 2:05)

Wednesday Routine

7:55-8:25 Second Steps

8:25-8:50 Number Corner

8:50-9:10 Silent Reading / Snacks

9:10-10:10 BRIDGES MATH instruction

10:10-10:35 Math WIN

10:35-11:25 Specials Classes

11:25-11:35 Class Meeting

11:35-12:15 LUNCH/RECESS

12:15-2:00 CKLA and Library

2:00 Home