Daily Homework

Independent Reading

20 minutes/day

Epic is a great resource for engaging books online. Log on with the link toward the bottom of this page and the following class codes:

  • Samora: kkw9732
  • Jahnke: mcn6608
  • Kenny: rll3345

Math Fact Practice

10 minutes/day

Begin with addition, and move on to subtraction, multiplication, and division when your child has master each operation.

Use flashcards, apps, or websites. Xtramath is one free resource. It will assess your child,provide practice, and move them through the operations as your child masters each one. See the link toward the bottom of the page.

Optional Math practice:


Go to frontrowed.com

Click the student sign in at the top on the right.

Enter your first and last name.

The class code is "jahnkr"

You may work on Fluency or Foundational Math skills.

While working on Foundational Math skills, please click on the suggested domain ( it will have a star).

Do not work on the Advanced Math at this time.

Parent Initials are required weekly in CES Thursday Folders to show that your learner has completed their homework.

See the websites below for homework resources.