Our 4th grade curriculum

based on the Colorado Academic Standards

English Language Arts

Students are surrounded by a variety of good literature and informational text in a climate that encourages thoughtful reflection, sharing, and response. Areas of focus are complex literature, complex informational text, writing to inform and explain, narrative and opinion writing. We have adopted a new language arts program called CORE KNOWLEDGE LANGUAGE ARTS or CKLA. It addresses all standards including reading, writing, research, communication. There may be occasional homework required for our next day's assignments.


Math is a language which helps provide clarity, objectivity, and understanding to our world. Students apply mathematic skills, problem solve real world situations, and demonstrate understanding through multiple modes. We currently use the BRIDGES program.

Math Domains:

Operations/Algebraic Thinking

Numbers/Operations in Base Ten


Measurement and Data


Hands-On Science

Our hands-on science units are designed to facilitate students' curiosity and further promote their understanding of scientific concepts. Units include Environments; Fossils; Sun, Moon and Planets; and Magnetism and Electricity

This year we will be doing our first PBL (Problem Based Learning Project) based our current drought and how it affects wildlife. Very excited to support our community with the solutions the kids will come up with.

Social Studies

Students study history, geography, economics, and civics as it relates to Colorado.