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Jerry Salmon has provided new Disciplinary Literacy content!

You will find this content in the Literacy (Reading) area of the Hub.

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Literacy (Reading)
Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
New Curriculum
First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education
Technology in the ClassroomUnder Development!
Literacy (Writing)Coming!

Using this Site

The content of this site is intended to be action-focused. Depending on the module you are engaged in, you may be asked to read, watch, discuss or take action. The following images will guide you in knowing what is required to complete the module.

This one means stop.It will generally have a partner.Its partner icon will tell you whatto do next!
This one means read.You are at a point in the modulewhere there is something foryou to read.
This one means watch.There is content for you to view.Grab your headphones and getcomfortable.
This icon means discuss.You'll need someone to talk with about the content. This can be face-to-face, or eventually online.
This icon means do.At this point in the module, there is something for you to do. It maybe in writing, or another task.
This icon means finish.You will only see this icon when the module has been completed.

These professional development modules will be available to ALL teachers in Chinook's Edge School Division and will be updated as new research and information is discovered. This content is being designed for distance-based learning, and continuity in practice across our district.

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