High School Esports

CESA 10 & the Wisconsin High School Esports Association are here to provide a supportive network to help get your esports program off the ground. Throughout this website you will find, support materials to "sell" why this is a necessary shift in athletic culture needed at your school, coaching support, tech support, scholarship opportunities, and so much more. If you encounter errors (links not working, grammar, etc.), suggestions for the site, or if you have questions moving forward please don't hesitate to contact Jesse Schwingle (jschwingle@cesa10.org).

What is esports?

Esports is not simply defined as competitive video gaming, but rather it is an immersive culture that bring scholar gamers together on a competitive platform to showcase their talents in gaming. Esports programs at your school are non-binary gender or race specific, and everyone one has the opportunity to play, learn, and compete.

What to know more about the Wisconsin High School Esports Association, the competitive games, and/or what a scholar gamer is?

Just getting your team started? Take a look as we break down the steps to help promote a healthy competitive team atmosphere.

Curious if you have the appropriate technology? Take a look at the specs necessary to run the competitive games.

Believe it or not your scholar gamers have an opportunity to get college assistance through a variety of scholarship opportunities offered by a plethora of colleges/universities.

Much like traditional sports, jerseys and apparel help stamp a sense of legitimacy on your program. Have you team design and create their own jerseys. Ownership of space and awards can also be found here.

As you look to furnish your program, funding can be a challenge. There are grants available to get materials necessary. There might also be some funding hiding in your budget.