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Welcome! This website was created for our counselors in CESA 10's Distance Learning schools as a helpful tool to access up-to-date registration paperwork for all of the higher educational partners.  You will also find the current DL course description booklet, DL schedule, course prerequisite list, and drop/refund policy list.  

Stay organized by keeping your registration paperwork in one spot!  By clicking on your district's page at the left, you can simply upload completed student registration paperwork.  Click on your district's logo and you will be directed to folders. Drop the completed paperwork in the appropriate folder.  


CVTC Refund Policy


NTC Refund Policy

NWTC DL Registration Paperwork


NWTC Refund Policy

Northwood Tech DL Registration Paperwork


Northwood Tech Refund Policy

UW-Eau Claire Barron County DL Registration Paperwork

*Please upload the transcript with the online application 

UW-Eau Claire Barron  County Timeline

UW-Eau Claire Barron County Refund Policy

UW-Oshkosh Registration Paperwork


UW-Oshkosh Drop Policy 

UW-River Falls Registration Paperwork


UW-River Falls Drop Policy

UW-Stevens Point DL Registration Paperwork 

UW-Stevens Point Timeline 

UW-Stevens Point Refund Policy

UW-Superior Registration Paperwork


UW-Superior Drop/Withdraw Policy

Contact the Center for Continuing Education (conted@uwsuper.edu) for more information, questions, or help dropping/withdrawing from courses. 

Western DL Registration Paperwork


Western Refund Policy

Western drop period and amount depends on number of class meetings.  

Online Registration Paperwork

CESA 10 will assist with the following registration...

Timeline for UW-Oshkosh Online only

Online Registration Paperwork (to be completed and submitted by counselor)

Online AAS (Associates of Arts and Science) is replacing College Courses Online. UWSP, UWEC, UW-Whitewater, UWRF, UW-Milwaukee, UW-Oshkosh, and UW-Parkside are participating in the new online AAS. High schools can choose any of these participating institutions to send their students. UW-Extension, who is managing the program, recommends the closest institution or the institution you send the majority of your students. Here is a list of courses.

UW-Milwaukee @ Waukesha Online Registration Paperwork (fka UWC Online)

A schedule is available at https://catalog.uwm.edu/course-search/  

Contact: dual-enrollment@uwm.edu 

UWSP Online Registration Paperwork

More helpful information about registration can be found here.

Contact: Angela Schmidt - aschmidt@uwsp.edu 

UW-Eau Claire & UW Eau Claire - Barron County Online Registration Paperwork

Contact: Alicia Schwahn - schwahal@uwec.edu 

Deadlines for submitting ECCP materials both at the district level and college admissions office can be found on either the UWEC or UWEC-BC websites. 

Timeline for NTC Online only

Timeline for UW-Milwaukee @ Waukesha only

Timeline for UWSP Online Only


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