Food & the Wisconsin Idea

Food & the Wisconsin Idea began in 2016 to bring together UW-Madison faculty, staff and graduate students who were working on food system issues in relative isolation. We were surprised and pleased when local community members began attending the monthly gatherings.

The phrase “Wisconsin Idea” means a lot to us here. For over 100 years it has signified a commitment to extend the knowledge gained from UW research to the borders of the state, and then beyond. It also requires that we listen to and respect the knowledge of all state residents.

Beginning in January 2018 we will take the conversation in Madison to the borders of the state and beyond using newly acquired video conferencing technology.

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Recent and Upcoming Events

January 18, 2018, Thursday 3:30pm

Host: Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Speaker(s): Steve Ventura, Martin Baikey & more

New book launch: "Good Food, Strong Communities"

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Video recording on YouTube

February 22, 2018, Thursday 3:30pm

Host: School of Human Ecology

Speaker(s): Heidi Busse & guests

Food Systems for Nutrition and Health: Exploring Pathways to Accelerate Impact, exploring community food resiliency in Ethopia and Wisconsin.

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Video recording on YouTube

March 15, 2018, Thursday 3:30pm

Host: Cooperative Extension

Speaker(s): Kathy Cramer

The author of "The Politics of Resentment" will help us explore how food might bridge Wisconsin's urban-rural divide.

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Video recording on YouTube

April 19, 2018, Thursday 3:30pm

Host: Agroecology Program

Speaker(s): Alan Turnquist & guests

Conservation grazing on public grasslands: The anatomy of a public-private partnership

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Video recording on YouTube

May 17, 2018, Thursday 3:30pm

Host: Kaufman Lab

Speaker(s): Alfonso Morales & guests

Citizens Owning Local Foods Science: Empowering Farmers Market Managers Around Data

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Video recording on YouTube

June 14, 2018, Thursday 5:30pm

Host: Center for Integrated Ag Systems

Speaker: Ricardo Salvador

Science Is Not “Neutral”: Why Science Is Inherently Political: The Case of Agroecology

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Video recording on YouTube

September 20, 2018, Thursday 3:30pm

Host: UW Cooperative Extension

Speaker: Jessica Spayde & guests

Wsiconsin Local Food Network: Spreading the Practice of Relational Networking

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Video recording on YouTube


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