Student Support Specialist

A Student Support Specialist (SSS) develops activities and resources to implement, including but not limited to: character development strategies, peer relationships, coping strategies, effective relationship skills, problem-solving and conflict resolution. Provides individual and group skill building services to meet the developmental, preventive, and remedial needs of students. An SSS does not provide counseling services. SSS's provide skill building services.

Mrs. Denise

Hello! I’m Mrs. Denise and I look forward to this school year because I am excited to see old faces as well as new faces on campus. I love helping students with their social/emotional development. My goal is to create a voice for our students and empower them to advocate for themselves. I spend my time traveling and going to Disneyland and just enjoying family time.

Ms. Edimayri

Well hello there, my name is Ms. Edimayri, but you guys may know me as Ms. Edi. I’m super excited to welcome you guys back to another school year! I take pride in knowing I can be your support when you need someone. Aside from working, I enjoy going for walks, traveling, watching football, fishing, and listening to music. I love to go shopping and enjoy days at the beach.

Mr. Alvaro

Hello Bulldogs! I'm Mr. Al, and I am looking forward to meeting you guys this year once things get back to normal. We are here to listen and help you be successful during your time at Ceres High. A little background info about myself, I graduated from Humboldt State in 2017. I love hiking and travelling with my dog, and sports, especially soccer and baseball.

Contact Information

Edimayri Corrales-Ayon(209)556-1920 Ext.
Denise Perez(209) 556-1920 Ext.
Alvaro Magana(209) 556-1920 Ext.