Mrs. Hansen's 6th Grade

Mrs. Sarah Hansen

Welcome to Sixth Grade

Sixth grade is such a cool year at our school that is full of exciting things like Lego Robots, Science Olympiad, The Grannie Annie Project, and an overnight campout at the Omaha Zoo! We have an awesome science curriculum called Amplify Science that brings science to life with role-play and online simulations. We will be doing a blended learning classroom in Math, which means that we will use technology to differentiate instruction and allow students work at their own pace. I’ve taught math this way for several years and I have had a lot of positive feedback from students.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe all students can learn! Students may come from different backgrounds and have different learning needs and styles, but everyone is capable of making growth.

I believe that providing a foundation of trust and building a relationship with students is an essential to key to success. Students who don't feel valued or who don't trust their instructor have trouble learning from them.

I believe that providing students with differentiation and allowing them to learn at their own level will help them succeed. Using technology and adapting the pace and level of material, when possible, gives students more control over their learning and makes school more engaging.


I graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2011 with a B.S. in Elementary Education and Special Education. I substitute taught for a couple of years and then I started teaching for Central Valley Public Schools in Scotia, NE. I taught third grade for one year and I’ve been teaching sixth grade ever since. In addition to teaching at my district, I’m MTSS Chairperson for grades 3-6 and serve on the Technology School Improvement Committee, MTSS District Leadership Team, and Continuous School Improvement Steering Committee. Right now I’m working on my Masters in Leadership in Instructional Technology.

My husband, Kurt, and I married in 2009. He is from a family farm near Scotia, NE and after college we moved back to his family farm where we are raising our two kids, Wyatt and Jayde. Living on a farm wasn't something that envisioned for my life before I met Kurt, but I have really come to enjoy living in the country. I grow a huge garden every year and I bike and run long distance on country roads. I enjoy traveling, reading, skiing, fishing, and spending time with my family.