Safety Policy

At CTE Central Texas Electric environmental health & safety (EHS) sits atop of the list of our CORE BUSINESS VALUES. The Team at CTE has developed and continues to foster a culture of safety from the bottom up. Each and every member of the Team is empowered and encouraged to recognize, communicate, address and if necessary intercede where and/or when an unsafe workplace situation may arise. Incident and injury-free working environments are how we conduct our business and how we govern our organization. This is achieved through safety education, continuing education, certification, and monthly evaluations.

The CTE team is honored to have received various industry recognitions for our safety programs and safety performance. However, the single-most important result of placing EHS at the top of our CORE BUSINESS VALUES is the safe return of our employees to their families every day that they come to work.

Safety Philosophy

CTE's Safety philosophy is to foster and strive for an "Injury Free Environment". Our objective is to complete work in the safest possible manner, while delivering the quality expected by and within the timeframe demanded by the Client.