The Little Bird


Fly, little bird

Leave this cage I had made for you

You were never meant to be trapped

I don’t want you to die

Or I’ll have a heart attack

Leave me, I know you want to (deep down)

Who knows what I’ll do

I feel so empty

Life isn’t as fun without you

But the night must go on,

It must go on

Burn fire, burn

Burn all the wood in the fire pit

Summon all the smoke into the air

Drop the ashes to be thrown away

You probably forget about me in each passing day

After All, it’s so easy for you, little birdie

Today I seen a flock of finches fly

None of them are as beautiful as you

I cried myself to sleep and felt like I was dying

Man, I hope you are doing okay

It’s what I think about all day

God, I wish I never let you go

I regret it every minute,

To every day

And every second that passes by

Please fly home, little birdie

Who’d have guess that I missed you this much

I still leave your cage next to the fire place:

Warm and unlocked

Hey, little birdie

Do you remember?

It’s been some time

I gave you that gift on December

I wonder if you still have it

Just as I still have the cage

This time with more space;

Less and less items insive over time

I leave the window open at night

Hoping you’ll fly inside

And relight the fire place

Please fly home, little birdie

I miss you everyday

But I suppose you aren’t so little anymore

Oh god how I wish it can go back to the way it was

But I know it’ll never go back to how it was before

I just hope you prosper, little birdie;

As much as I’d hope you’ll fly home.

The fire continues to crackle,

Releasing the last of the ash received from what’s left of the wood.

I still leave my window open

Where the cage absorbs the moonlight

And feels the warmth of the rising sunlight