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Welcome to FHS Spanish Online 3/16/20

Why should I learn a foreign language in high school and college?

Studying a second language allows you to:

  • connect with family history, traditions, and cultural heritage
  • understand your first language more deeply
  • improve your writing/communication
  • develop new perspectives on your studies
  • appreciate what it takes to learn a language with attuned cultural sensitivity
  • pave the path to learning new languages
  • open up doors to learning abroad or traveling overseas

A full foreign language education will enable each student to become

  • globally aware
  • culturally sensitive
  • an informed and knowledgeable world citizen
  • an articulate oral and written communicator

Only 9% of US citizens speak both their native language and another language fluently. Compare this with 50% of Europeans and a large percentage of Latin Americans who are fully bilingual.

Knowledge of a second language makes you more competitive when looking for jobs or applying to graduate schools. And with 1 in 6 US jobs being tied to international trade, the demand for language skills and international expertise in the arts, social services, sciences, business, education, military, law, and government is increasing. Studying a language increases communication skills and intercultural competency—how you are able to work effectively with people of different cultures.

Contact with other languages and cultures lets you participate in a global conversation, step outside your familiar scope of existence, and view your culture's customs, traditions, and norms as well as your own value system through the eyes of others. And you’ll actually be able to participate in the conversation!

(University of Minnesota Foreign Language Department, 2018)

Central Local Schools' Mission Statement

Central Local Schools, in partnership with the community, will provide an appropriate environment for each student to realize his/her fullest potential as a life-long learner in a global society.



The Foreign Language Department extends a warm "Thank you!" to the Sherwood Public Library and Fairview High School library for their collaboration this year. Check out their growing Multicultural YA literature collections, as well as supplemental materials for Spanish classes.

Browse the FHS Library HERE

Browse the Sherwood Public Library HERE


Thank you so much for making and donating various foods throughout World Languages Week. We LOVED the African squash soup, Italian ice, olives, Dominican spaghetti, and Mexican pan dulce!


Thank you to Mr. Singer & Mr. Echelbarger for keeping the community updated with our announcements!


Thank you, Julianna, for all your work representing the World Languages Department to our local newspaper!

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