Mrs. Fogle

More about Mrs. Fogle:

I grew up in Neoga, IL and graduated high school in 2001. I worked at Camp New Hope, a camp for individuals with disabilities for 12 years. At camp, I learned some of the most important skills when caring for individuals with unique needs. We learned how to overall care for them, but also how to motivate and encourage each other. After high school, I went to Lake Land College and earned my Associates Degree in Education. After graduating, I continued taking the interpreting program to increase my sign language skills. I began working as an interpreter/aide for the EIASE Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program for students age 3 to Third grade. In 2008, I went back to Eastern Illinois University to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Special Education. In 2012, I began teaching at Charleston Middle School in a self-contained Special Education classroom. I got married in 2016 and moved to Mackinaw. I began teaching in 2016 at Central Intermediate School as the 8th grade Resource teacher. In 2019, I started teaching Life Skills at CIS. I went back to school in 2017 for my Masters and will graduate in December 2019.

My husband and I, Kevin, also known as "Beard", have a pit-lab dog named Daphne. We enjoy going to car/truck shows, going on walks, and traveling. I enjoy crocheting, playing the piano, and helping others.

Why pineapples?

My classroom theme is pineapples this year. I love the quote "Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside." I want my students to stand tall and be treated like royalty. I want them rock their crown, but be sweet and caring to themselves and others. The pineapple symbol represents hospitality. My students will show hospitality by welcoming others into our classroom throughout the school year.

About my classroom:

We will be going out into the community as much as possible to learn. Each week will have a theme. I'm hoping every activity will be centered around that theme. I would love for community members to come in and talk to us about the theme, if they can relate. Please feel free to email me (provided below) to set up a date/time. Below is a link for important dates and themes.

2019-2020 Calendar (I will try to keep this updated as much as I can.)

Mrs. Regina Fogle


updated: June 11, 2019