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What is this site?

The Muse sets out to recognize and encourage the musings of William Tennent students. The Literati hopes to provide a platform for the aspiring authors, artists, and critics of our community. We invite those who wish to share their works to take full advantage of The Muse.

Our goal is to nurture the thriving literary community at Tennent, without bias but with acceptance.

Creators and Editors:

  • Mr. Dan Newman - Faculty Editor
  • Student Editors: Bridget Armstrong (Chief Editor), Julie Ryan, Nicholas Simila, Sofia Deneka, Samantha Furey, Carly Maloney, Rosemary Green, Kayla McEachern, Juliette Kolbe, Vicki Cannon, Kasey Gray

Sponsored by the William Tennent Literati (The National English Honor Society)

Meet the Editors!

Bridget Armstrong: Howdy! I'm Bridget, Editor in Chief of the Muse. Favorite things: yellow, naps, leftovers, kayaking. Special talents: Mario Kart god (Wii only), can rap the entirety of "Shoop" by Salt n Pepa, pro gleeker, can leg press 400+ lbs.

Julie Ryan: Hiya, Julie the coolie here. I’m one of the senior editors of the Muse and I hope you’re having a swell day! I love dogs, music, and bad puns.

Nicholas Simila: I’m an avid proponent of iceberg theory. “The Natural” by Bernard Malamud is the great American novel. For legal reasons, I can’t be pictured.

Sofia Deneka: Hey! I’m Sofia, Senior Editor for the Muse. Currently realizing that the more I learn, the less I know :)

Samantha Furey: Hi! I’m Sam, and I’m one of the Senior Editors for The Muse! I’m normally stressing about school, but when I’m not, you can probably find me reading, listening to musicals, or playing with my dog!

Carly Maloney: I’m Carly, I’m a Senior Editor for the Muse! I like to write occasionally, but I’m mostly busy with school work.

Rosemary Green: Hello, young one, you have stumbled upon my Bio! I am Rosemary Green and I am a Junior Editor for the Muse. Yes, I like to put rosemary on everything and yes green is my favorite color. I also like poetry :).

Kayla McEachern: Hi guys! My name’s Kayla McEachern and I’m a Junior Editor for the Muse. I love writing (obviously), watching movies (specifically Disney), and listening to music (mainly broadway).

Vicki Cannon: Hello, you can refer to me as Vicki. I am a Sophomore Editor for the Muse. I’ve never considered myself much of a writer, but I’ve always enjoyed reading and critiquing literature.

Juliette Kolbe: Hello! My name is Juliette. I’m a Sophomore Editor for the Muse. I like writing a lot, as you could assume. When I’m not writing (which tends to be most of the time), I’m usually doing schoolwork or taking photos.