Panther Pathways

Designing Your High School Pathway

The William Tennent Program of Studies is designed to help students select required and elective courses based on current and future career and educational goals, interests, and abilities. All of these factors should combine to form a long-range educational plan tailored to meet the needs of each student. Please consider these three crucial areas:

  • Graduation requirements and the required courses for your grade level.

  • The recommended elective courses in Pathways for your post-high school career and educational plans.

  • Prerequisites (courses you must have successfully completed before taking a specific course) and co-requisites (courses you must take at the same time as a specific course).

Students will receive guidance from parents, teachers, and counselors in selecting courses that best suit their needs and abilities, the responsibility for these choices ultimately lies in the hands of families. Students, it is your life–take advantage of the power you have to shape your future and the opportunity to explore interests and develop talents.