Product Information

CEN (Central Entertainment Network) is an exciting new IPTV platform.

Designed to help clubs promote and develop a following for the relevant sport and to build partnerships for events and media solutions.

The network broadcasts high quality content from both international and local events. The platform is designed to allow clubs to promote their own noteworthy events, therefore improving participation and engagement.

What will our product offer you?

A high-quality platform to broadcast content with very easy setup (simply turn on the TV and channel will auto-start!)

Fast and simple creative tools for marketing purposes with tailor-made templates for sailing clubs

Broadcasting 7 days a week

Club event promotion and marketing

Event broadcast planning and coverage with our media production partners

Exposure to a wider audience in clubs in Australia to increase event participation

Partnership / sponsorship opportunities

Advertisements on CEN will be limited to sailing-related marketing

Live weather information

A visual and interactive atmosphere

A fantastic talking point for club patrons

So what will this product look like? In more detail:


- Scrolling ticker to advertise upcoming events. A key element to deliver continuous information (see image above)

- Weather information: Currently it's set up to constantly display temperature and wind warnings from BOM (see image above). We also provide wind information from and are working with seabreeze to make some more useful components

- Online content can be published on the platform in under a minute

- Live streaming can be accommodated from the exact start to finish of an event without having to display all of the setup streaming

- Every week a minimum 3 hours of new content is added to the broadcast

- Content includes (not limited to): Clipper Ocean Race, Extreme Sailing Series, Volvo Ocean Race and lots of foilers / dinghy classes

- All cross promotion of events from participating clubs will be restricted to notable sailing events (eg not BBQ events)

- Easy to use scheduling system and content submission process

- You tube and Facebook videos can be broadcast

Legal Requirements

- We currently have rights to a great range of high quality shows that will provide a professional level of entertainment and attract a large audience

- We manage permissions from companies and local sources

Sponsorship / Marketing opportunities

- CEN is able to source sponsorship options for the club, saving the club time and money

- Advertising will be predominantly industry related, unless a non-sailing company sponsors the club or event

- Marketing options for events across multiple clubs (increasing participation in sailing events)

- Assistance with creating content can be provided, if required, through one of our production partners.

- Clubs will be able to use the CEN platform to offer a wider market / audience to sponsors to assist with future sponsorship deals

With no cost to the venues and clubs the CEN platform is a very cost effective marketing solution to assist in funding and participation of events within your club. CEN is an easy-to-use system, with expert advice. The promotion of sailing events and high quality sailing content will create an exciting atmosphere, attracting members to the club.

If you would like more information on this product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Visit this video below to see a short preview of the product

CEN Preview