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1 : Pricing for Advertisers.

2 : Pricing for Venue Membership

3 :Advertisers, How to use our simple platform.

4 : Venues and clubs, Easy to use self promotion live update Tools.

Pricing for Advertisers.

We offer advertisers a stable environment for guaranteed viewership with a captive audience. Our influence on an engaged or passive viewer, enables us to achieve effective viewing frequency for better results.

Our pricing structure is based on $1 per second. A 30 second commercial will cost you $30.00

We often have special offers or sponsorship oportunities so please contact us to find your ideal solution.

Pricing for Venue Membership.

Simple no fuss installation of your broadcast unit requires a TV with an HDMI input.

Once installed, our units activate when you turn your TV on and instantly start broadcasting content without any interaction reqiured. Simply turn of the TV and the unit will shut down.

We offer a free 1 month trial to test the product. Yearly subscriptions will commence after the trial.

Your annual Subscription costs $380.00

It includes installation and support and video tutorials.

A range of different style publishing tools.

$2000 worth of advertising credit.

Advertisers, How to use our simple platform.

Simply fill in our Advertisers form to lodge a request or contact us at

We will respond to your request once the content has been received and scheduled.

Venues and clubs, Easy to use self promotion live update Tools.

In contrast to an email notifications for members you can schedule your CEN publication with regular frequency to help with message retention.

Combine that with more reach outside your membership base and you can expect a healthy improvement in event attendance.

CEN offers a range of promotional template tools.

Chose the one that suits your needs and style or make your own.

These come in the form of a moving backgrounds, music and sections of text to create your message.

Save your template and we automatically receive your changes for broadcast.

Use our quick schedule form to broadcast your promotional publication.

Watch our short How to video on creating and publishing your work.

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