Central Entertainment Network (CEN):

A broadcast channel platform, designed to promote engagement to a targeted audience.

CEN provides simple-to-use tools to promote club events, sporting events and sponsorship.

CEN can also assist with developing event partnerships and media production.

With free subscription to the channel and full access to broadcasting promotional material, clubs will benefit from member engagement and club growth whilst promoting their product.

What will our product offer you?

A high-quality platform to broadcast content with very easy setup (simply turn on the TV and channel will auto-start!)

Fast and simple creative tools for marketing purposes with tailor-made templates for sailing clubs

Broadcasting 7 days a week

Club event promotion and marketing

Event broadcast planning and coverage with our media production partners

Exposure to a wider audience in clubs in Australia to increase event participation

Partnership / sponsorship opportunities

Live weather information

A visual and interactive atmosphere

A fantastic talking point for club patrons