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1 : Pricing for venue membership

2 : Pricing for advertisers

3 : Advertisers - How to use our simple platform

4 : Venues and clubs - Easy to use self promotion live update tools

Pricing for venue membership - 100% FREE for eligible venues

How does our product help your club?

Clubs face a range of different challenges today. While a few clubs are doing well, a large number of clubs have fleets that have reduced over the last ten years. The majority of keel boat clubs also have a big age gap and need to recruit new participants to the sport. Off the beach clubs need growth and almost everyone needs good sponsors.

While we don't consider the CEN platform to be an overall solution to the fore mentioned challenges, It would certainly help to play a role.

By linking the clubs we hope to attract more sailors to events and potential new members to be enticed into the sport.

Your club sponsor or potential sponsors will gain a much wider audience for their brand and events.

We will provide you with marketing material based on our metrics to add to your overall event value.

How would I describe the product?

The CEN product is a cross between a TV channel, Facebook and Youtube only a tad bit smaller. We are still very effective with a receptive audience of all age groups.

Participating clubs have access to promote their 4 biggest events to just their state or all of Australia if required.

We offer 4 weeks of promotional broadcasting with integrated sponsors and 4 weeks of the event broadcast with independent sponsorship.

("integrated" logos over the top of the club promotion content.)

(" Independent" the sponsor can broadcast their own commercial content each side of the club content.)

We also recommend using a nice video clip promoting your location. Perhaps some drone shots of the club and location.

What is involved in running the platform?

Simple, no fuss installation of your broadcast unit; requires a TV with an HDMI input.

Once installed, our units activate when you turn your TV on and instantly start broadcasting content without any interaction required.

We offer a an online promotional tool for simple one page static adverts. For video which is highly recommended, if required we can assist in logo and text overlays. .

If required we can provide a list of our production partners to help with content creation.

Please note all content submissions will be subject to Approval Guidelines to keep up the quality of content.

It free so what's the catch?

It is free to venues and that will not change.

CEN will advertise on the network to fund the product.

Advertising will be restricted to the marine industry. The only exception is when they are sponsoring an event via a club.

Conflicts or interest can also be addressed by removing them from your club broadcast.

For more information about clubs currently in the network visit our Venues page.

For more information regarding what the product displays aside from club content please visit Product Information and the TV Guide

Pricing for advertisers

We offer advertisers an environment for a captive sailing audience and a range of broadcasting options.

Our pricing is 6 cents per view and you can set the amount of views over any set period with our pricing calculator.

There is also the possibility of integrated sponsorship opportunities so please contact us to discuss.

Please note all content submissions will be subject to Approval Guidelines.

Advertisers - How to use our simple platform

Contact us at for access to our pricing calculator based on current network coverage and select your coverage plan.

More in-depth information regarding our views metrics will be provided.

Venues and clubs - Easy to use self promotion live update tools

We can provide a wider reach outside of your email network.

You can schedule your advertisement / promotion regularly to optimize viewer frequency.

Advertise your event with last years highlights video. If required, we can provide text overlay on the video to publicize the event dates.

CEN also offers a range of promotional template tools.

Chose the one that suits your needs and style or make your own.

We also offer access to the scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen.

Email us with your message for the ticker and requested dates for broadcasting.

For more on how to publish content using our full screen templates, watch our short CEN Tutorials.