Clergy Code of Conduct

Clergy Code of Conduct

If you are an initiated Clergy member of the Correllian Nativist Tradition, you are expected to conduct yourself in a certain manner. The following information can be found within the Clergy Course - Correllian Ministry and is included here as a guideline for the expected conduct, that you should aspire to, whilst you are a member of the Celtic Crow Temple.

It is expected that all persons involved with the Temple shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner which is a credit to the Celtic Crow Temple and to the Correllian Nativist Tradition.

Please see below the following guidelines for our Clergy Code of Conduct

The Code of Honour

Honour Deity always, both as Goddess and as God. Revere the sacred Spark of Life, which is within you and within all things. Revere also the sacred Dance of Life, which is manifest as the physical world.

Honour the Earth, Nature, and Her processes. All life is sacred, and all the Universe is One Being, whose soul is Gaia. All which exists is eternally and inseparably connected through the Spirit of the Goddess and the Dance of the God.

Honour the Divinity within you. Do not pollute your sacredness with hatred, nor with falsehood. Be honourable, fair, and truthful in all things. Strive always to act from your Higher Self, in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

Honour the Divinity within others. We are all sacred, all manifestations of Deity. Therefore, follow always the Wiccan Rede: “Do as You Will, But Harm None.”

Honour your Tradition. You are an initiate of the Correllian Tradition –Honour it and respect its tenets. The Tradition is a family, bound by love and Honour –uphold and defend it always, even as the Tradition supports you.

Honour your fellow Correllian Clergy –remember that they have worked hard for their status, just as you have. Show them always the respect to which Correllian Clergy are entitled.

Honour the Elders of the Tradition and the leadership of the Tradition –remember that they have spent many years working for the good of the Tradition and the advancement of Pagans everywhere.

Honour your fellow Pagans. Remember always –A Pagan is a Pagan. Our faith comes down to us through many cultures and Traditions. We are as a thousand mirrors reflecting the image of Deity from a thousand angles. We have many differences, yet we must never let these stand between us but embrace one another as a single people. Remember that your fellow Pagans, no matter what their background, are on a spiritual path just as you are. Remember that your fellow Pagan Clergy, though their training and views may be different, have worked just as hard for their rank, and believe just as deeply in the tenets of their Traditions, as you yourself. Therefore, while you may sometimes disagree or come into conflict with other Clergy, you should always show them the same civility and respect which you expect to receive yourself.

Expectations of All Initiated Clergy

A Correllian Priestess or Priest, always, regardless of circumstances, is expected to put forward their best effort and to aspire to fulfil the highest ideals of Correllian belief.

Always do your best to act from your Higher Self. This means acting always from love, not from fear. It is your responsibility to be honourable and fair in your dealings, to avoid gossip or dishonesty, to refrain from being judgemental or vindictive.

Above all you have a responsibility to always continue to grow and learn, to improve yourself and expand your consciousness –for this is the heart of the Clerical calling

Always you must live up to the Wiccan Rede to the best of your ability: “Do as You Will, But Harm None.” Your individual freedom is guaranteed to you by the Divinity within you. So too is your individual responsibility.

Remember that all acts come back to you. Always ask yourself “When I am on the receiving end of this action, will I feel I am being harmed?” Understand however what is meant by “Harm.” It is the position of the Correllian Tradition as defined by its Tradition Heads that when we say “Harm None” we are referring to acts of gratuitous, unprovoked, or avoidable damage. This is in keeping with the traditional meaning of the word “harm,” for we agree with the American Congress of Witches that the Wiccan Rede must not be subject to interpretation –and therefore must be understood in the common and ordinary meaning of its words.

An act of self-defence, or in defence of another, is not “harm.” The punishment of wrongdoing in accordance with the social contract of law is not harm, so long as the law is just. Nor is a fair fight between equals who, knowing their circumstances and potential consequences, willing enter into conflict of their own accord and in accordance with accepted social custom.

The Correllian Tradition believes strongly that acts of wrongdoing, such as violent crime or forced missionization, should be opposed and if possible. prevented, and that to prevent such wrongdoing when possible is completely in keeping with the Wiccan Rede.

Celtic Crow Temple Clergy and Member Expectations

All of the same things which are expected of an Initiated Clergy Member are also expected of Temple Clergy and Temple Members. In addition, it is incumbent upon you to fulfill an active role in your Temple commensurate with your abilities and with the Temple’s requirements.

As Temple Clergy you must attend your Temple’s rituals and events and strive to take an active part in them.

You should be active in ritual and take an active part in Temple events. Show your support for your Temple by your presence, but also by your willingness to take part and do what is needed. Do not hesitate to give your time and energy to the Temple, for the Temple needs these if it is to prosper and endure.

Likewise, the Temple may ask for dues from its Clergy, to help in the running of the Temple and its activities. The creation and maintenance of an active Temple is neither easy nor inexpensive. The Temple cannot be truly active without funds. Therefore, if you are asked for dues, give them gladly in recognition of the Temple’s projects, and make donations when you can so that the Temple may thrive and grow.

To be Temple Clergy is a very special calling. It takes much time and energy, and great dedication. It can also offer great rewards. Remember that if the execution of your Temple duties should become too much for you, you may withdraw to the Temples Outer Court or pursue a solitary practice, without losing your status as a First-Degree Priestess or Priest.