Welcome to the

Celtic Crow Temple

Celtic Crow Temple was started as a Wtan Shrine on January 4th 2019, and on October 1st 2019 became a Proto-Temple of the Tradition. On May 24th 2021 Celtic Crow Temple became a Full Temple of the Tradition. We accept anyone open-minded and willing to learn. The High Priest and Temple head of the Temple is Jared Houston Crow, who has some background training in the Celtic Patheon. The Sigil of the Celtic Crow Temple was made by one of our Members, Luna Vanaman and We are Proud of it. In this day and age and with pandemics having an accessible online presence and embracing new ways to complete rituals. So the Celtic Crow Temple is mainly on facebook but does have a close connection with Wild Moon Temple in the virtual world of Second Life. We hold New Moon and Full Moon Esbats as well as Sabbat Rituals on Second life and have Monthly Meet and Greet on Zoom. Which gives the temple the ability to reach people worldwide. The Purpose of Celtic Crow Temple is to teach the ways of Wicca to all who want to learn, and also to be a open-minded community as a whole.