What's new?!

Curious about BreakoutEdu???

We have multiple kits that can be used in the Media Center...Math, Science, History, ELA, Electives! Have some ideas, let's get together and collaborate!

The CHS Media Center is happy to have a new student team this year - SWAT (Students Who Advocate Technology). This amazing group of students are here to support our teachers and our students with all things technology. These tech ninjas are available every period and can help you with new technology, tech issues, everything Google, and more. SWAT has created how-to videos, click sheets, blog posts, and more to support the CHS campus. If you are in interested in talking to a member of SWAT, you can find them in the 'SWAffice' (formally the school store) or you can call them at ext. 2513.

‚ÄčThe LMC now has two collaboration stations with mounted 23-inch monitors. I am in the process of obtaining adapters that will allow students to view their projects on the monitors. Please remember to sign-up in the LMC reservation sheet.

Five Whiteboard tables for group collaboration. Come brainstorm your latest project on our custom made whiteboard tables!

Curious about coding? Come to the Media Center and learn to code on our newest technology: Ozobot!

Board games: Need a break from technology?

Come play some classic board games!

Creation Station: for all your project needs!

Collaboration Tables aka Koi Tables

3D Printer is up and running!