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Season 3 (2021-2022 School Year)

Principal Randy's Corner S03 EP08

This month we cover our two February closures, updates of Stanley's Pantry, the Let's Play Auction, and the new COVID protocols.

Principal Randy's Corner S03 EP07

In this month's Principal Randy's Corner - January recap, we discuss the current COVID quarantine, Stanley's Pantry "Soup'er Bowl" fundraiser, insights into snow days, and a return to CBI's.

Principal Randy's Corner S03 EP06

In this episode, we provide an update on Stanley's Pantry, COVID Quarantines, and the return to school after the holiday break.


Donations: https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/weblink.aspx?name=E347985&id=31

Stanley's Pantry Website: https://www.celebratethechildren.org/stanleys-pantry--ctcs-school-lunch-program.htm

PRC - S03 EP05 Special Announcement for #GivingFOODSDay

Special announcement to announce our new initiative that will help provide nourishment to our students and school community.

Principal Randy's Corner S03 EP04

November overview including our Kindness Month celebrations and a Thanksgiving message.

Principal Randy's Corner S03 EP03

October review, including our special Halloween Trek or Treat!

Principal Randy's Corner S03 EP02

First week of school recap and our 9-11 memorial assembly.

Principal Randy's Corner S03 EP01

Back to School episode, including Mask Mandates and Pickup/Drop-offs

Season 2 (2020-2021 School Year)

PRC Special - THE PROM 2021

Principal Randy's Corner Season 2 Finale

S02 EP12

Principal Randy's Corner S02:EP11

Some COVID Restrictions have been lessened, and some other announcements, including Earth Day, the Prom, Limitless Camp, and the Spring Concert.

Principal Randy's Corner S02:EP10

HAPPY St. Patrick's Day, COVID Anniversary, and Preparations for our return to 4 Days full days per week.

Principal Randy's Corner S02:EP09

The Virtual Gala and Post-February Break Return Announcement

Principal Randy's Corner S02:EP08

Takeover Tuesday, the Virtual Gala, and COVID Update

Principal Randy's Corner S02:EP07

Principal Randy's Corner Holiday Special!

Principal Randy's Corner S02:EP06

In this episode, we discuss our temporary pivot to fully remote instruction.

Principal Randy's Corner S02:EP05

The COVID spike and Marking Period 2 are discussed.

Principal Randy's Corner S02:EP04

In this episode, we review the Fall Festival and Principal Randy officially announces this year's Trunk-or-Treat.

Principal Randy's Corner S02:EP03

Today we discuss the next phase of our in-person schedules, as well as announce some fun activities for the CTC Fall Festival.

Principal Randy's Corner S02:EP02

In this episode, we take a look at Celebrate the Children's outdoor facilities. Note, in response to COVID guidelines, ALL outdoor facilities are sanitized between uses.

Principal Randy's Corner S02:EP01

Quick recap of the first week of school AND an overview of our 9/11 tree planting and memorial.


Principal Randy's Corner Summer EP03

Bussing - Dropoff/Pickup

As we prepare for the first day of school, here is how we will be receiving and dismissing our students. Note that this is DIFFERENT than last year, to accommodate the guidelines for COVID Social Distancing.

Principal Randy's Corner Summer EP02 (8/28/2020)

In this episode, Randy discusses some FAQ's from the School Community regarding the reopening of School come September 8.

Principal Randy's Corner

Summer EP01

Some preliminary announcements regarding September's reopening plans.

Principal Randy on Choice Media

Principal Randy's Corner EP017

Graduations, Egg Drops, and Pickup Times.

CTC 2019-2020 Egg Drop (Virtual style)

Principal Randy's Corner EP016

Family Picnic, The Egg Drop, Graduation, Yearbook, and year-end cleanups.

Principal Randy's Corner EP015

Prior to the extended Memorial Day Weekend, we take a tour and get an update on some of the improvements at Celebrate the Children.

Principal Randy's Corner EP014

Announcement for the use of our remaining snow day and a fun look at this year's Virtual Prom.

Principal Randy's Corner EP013

In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Day/Week, please join me in celebrating the outstanding teachers of Celebrate the Children.

Principal Randy's Corner EP012

Prom, Puppets, Kittens. . . . Oh my!

Ms. Lissette's "Why Do I Need a Mask?"

Principal Randy's Corner EP011

Principal Randy discusses the governor's announcement and an update on his family's foster cat's pregnancy.

Willow's Kittens' Birth

Check out the birth of Willow's five kittens in Principal Randy's home office.

Principal Randy's Corner EP010

School Closing Update and Spring Break

Principal Randy's Corner EP009

Special Light it Up Blue Episode. AUTISM IN MEDIA, with special guest, CTC Paraprofessional, Jessica. TV, Movies, vLogging, CTC Light it Up Montage, and More.

Principal Randy's Corner EP008

World Autism Day, New Daily Lessons, New Specials Lessons, Light it Up Blue. Check out Bein' With You to the right of this video as well.

Principal Randy's Corner EP007

Testing, Concerts, and Flex Fridays, Oh My!

Principal Randy's Corner EP006

The FriYAY edition. Parades, Videos, FaceBook and Lip Syncing! A fun way to go into the weekend.

Principal Randy's Corner EP005

Check out the NJ Audubon Society

Principal Randy's Corner Episode 004

Joe the Body Coach

Arnold's Quarantine

Neil Diamond's Hand Washing

Principal Randy's Corner EP 003

Week one's recap

Mr. Glenn - Tapping

Our Yoga/Mindfulness Instructor, Glenn, guides us through a tapping session.

Principal Randy's Corner Episode 2

Today we take a tour of some of the school improvements since we have been closed, and have a conversation with our head of buildings and grounds, Mr. Phil.

Let the Pigeons. . . I mean Penguins Loose!

Each morning and afternoon I say "Let the pigeons loose," which is a random reference to Count Malachi (of the Malachi Brothers) from an episode of Happy Days. I have used that phrase to start and finish my day since becoming an administrator some 20+ years ago. Today, the Chicago Aquarium (which is closed) thought it would be fun to Let the Penguins Loose! A cute video of them walking through the halls and checking out the fish from our vantage point. This video is 54 seconds of silliness. Ask your student "What do you think the penguins are thinking?" I am sure you will receive some funny and interesting replies. Feel free to share them with me. Enjoy!

Video Vlog EP1 - 3/17/2020

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Day one of Distance Learning.

How to Catch a Leprechaun

Enjoy a little holiday story. Fun for all ages.

Parents...Now Teachers?


While I like to remind parents that they are their students' first and most influential teachers, a situation like this is not necessarily what I mean by that statement. We recognize that parents have suddenly been asked to become their student's teacher, 1:1 aide, therapists, etc. Here is an article that will hopefully help you to cope a little with these un-planned for challenges. (Click on the link below)

How to prepare for extended school closings—and not lose your mind

Coronavirus on BrainPOP


Is your student still unclear about what all the hype is about? Check out this FREE and easy to understand mini animation explaining the Coronavirus. Watch it along with them, it's short, informative, and will make for a great conversation starter.

Coronavirus on BrainPop

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