Call for proposals

Building Bridges: Every Connection Counts


Sunday & Monday, October 20 - 21, 2019

Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford


Have you been bridging gaps?

Creating connections that matter?

Want to share an experience or lesson idea?

We are looking for you!

This year’s theme will allow you to share your talents, collaborative times, and moments you treasure with our attendees.

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We will again this year have a variety of formats including: Tech Talks, Traditional Presentations, Panel Discussions and Playgrounds.

We are looking for technology tools that create connections, build capacity to meet a variety of standards, and empower creating with students.

We are looking for examples of projects, lessons, and resources that address intersections of standards: ISTE, AASL, C3 Framework, and Next Gen Science.

We are looking for collaborative teams to share both successes and struggles of working together while innovating, inventing, or integrating curriculum.

We are looking for engaging, hands on, innovative, out of the box presentations!


Apply to present today!

Whether you partner up or present solo,

share your innovative techniques with other educators.

The CASL CECA 2019 Conference Committee is seeking proposals that reflect success in the fields of technology and literacy education informed by theory, research, and practice.

The committee invites proposals that reflect innovation and cutting edge content, stimulate and provoke discussion and audience engagement, and empower participants with strategies for teaching and learning.

In sharing your successful practices you inspire administrators, educators, and information technologists to partner and prepare lessons that will stimulate learning for all students.

Are You an Author?

Join the Author Palooza at the Conference.

What You Need to Know

Prepare a Proposal

Be Prepared Before Starting the Proposal

You should do all writing prior to starting a Proposal. You may copy and paste into the Proposal form.

The only formatting possible within the form is the use of linefeeds (return, enter). Don't attempt to use styles and indents, etc.

This will be a blind acceptance process. Your personal information will not be shared with reviewers. Please do not identify yourself in the text of the proposal.

1) Identify Your Connection to the Standards

To which set(s) of standards is your presentation connected?

Write a description of how your session will address the Standards.

What Activities or Takeaways can participants expect to see that will help them align to the Standards? Please be specific and succinct. This is for the committee only and will not be published.

Convince the Conference Committee you are prepared to make the 2018 Conference a success.

If you choose to address a set of standards other than the four listed below, please be prepared to submit a link to the standards being addressed.


2) Identify Your Conference Session Format

Be sure your plans fit within the style and time constraints of the selected format.

3) Create a Catchy Title

Keep it short. (Fewer than 75 characters)

Be sure it relates to what you will be presenting.

Avoid flashy phrases that lack meaning.

4) Identify Your Audience

What grade levels / age groups does your topic target?

Who should be hearing what you have to say? (Classroom teachers? Librarians? Media Specialists? Tech Teachers? Administrators or Coordinators? )

5) Create an Abstract to be Published on the Conference Site

Be direct and brief. (3 - 4 sentences - 75 word maximum)

Be specific. Consider: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Let people know they have to come to your presentation because of its relevancy to their teaching.

What Activities & Takeaways can the participants expect?

This is your chance to attract an audience. (Again, avoid flashy phrases that lack meaning.)

Submit One or More Proposals

The Conference Committee will consider all proposals based on alignment with the Standards, the quality of the proposal, and the relevance to the Conference. Proposals will be considered in the order that they are submitted.

If you wish to submit more than one proposal, return to this page after completing the first proposal to begin the second.

Talk to an Expert Option

If you are submitting a proposal for Tech Talk, Playground, or Traditional Presentation AND you select the option to do an additional session in the Talk to an Expert area, you do NOT need to submit a separate proposal for Talk to an Expert.