2015 Award Winners

The Most Amazing Things

Jane Martellino

Region 15

Let them create! This was my simple yet empowering motto this school year. I had to think outside of the box in supporting students in a new flexible schedule, so I offered an enrichment class during LA block to 5th graders. While we only met twice a week for 25 minute periods, the students were able to accomplish great things. The students brainstormed ways they could celebrate the activities and interests within our school community. The students decided they wanted to use our new green screening kit with iPads to create a weekly news show which they titled "TMAT" (The Most Amazing Things). The students were responsible for generating ideas, writing scripts, directing, filming, anchoring, creating green screening effects, and merging the segments into one seamless show. The project strengthened students skills in writing for a purpose, integrating technology in meaningful ways, speaking fluently, raising awareness to a variety of causes and charities, and best of all the show strengthened, revitalized, and re-energized the school-wide community.

History of Photography Time Line Series of Walls

Ina Malloy- Amity High School

The main objective of this evolving and interactive timeline for our "History of Photography Time Line Series of Walls" is to enable students to select an artist they would like to research in a unique way. The walls have a horizontal timeline of major global events from 1800’s to current day. Once a student selects an artist from the wall by scanning QR codes on postcards displayed or from my list on my website they create a power point of their selected artists work. They analyze their selected images for visual characteristics from the abundance of lists, including: compositional elements, Principals and Elements of Art and Design, lighting, perspective, subject matter, spatial relationships or other key visually identifiable characteristics. They take photographs and synthesize/manipulate them to have the same Mise-En-Scene or Look and Feel as their artist’s work. Within each Power Point presentation, images are displayed side by side enabling my students to determine what the similarities and differences are in their work verse their artist’s work. Once all connections are collected, students present.

“Making” Things Happen at the Frances Hart Ewers Library at East Lyme High School

Kathleen Sasso, Library Media Specialist

Christine Greeley, Technology Instructional Assistant/ Computer Tech

We have transformed a portion of our library into a flexible classroom and Makerspace. Dubbed the “Viking Forge” by students, the room is intended for group projects that inspire brainstorming, tinkering, creating and innovating. We hope to promote critical thinking while encouraging creativity in a non-traditional classroom setting. Some of the items we have available for students are robotic kits, Arduinos (a sensory processor), Raspberry Pi (a microcomputer), a pen tablet for drawing on the computer and a 3D printer. The Viking Forge is home to the Maker Club, a group of students who generate and host after school group projects. Starting in November 2014, events have included creating paper flowers using modular Origami, a demonstration on how to use Scratch to program and animate on the computer, and a workshop on how to build a light sabre out of PVC pipe and LED lights. Our Makerspace is a work in progress and is gaining momentum. Future plans include collaborating with local public libraries as we add more projects to our event schedule. Next year, we hope to learn from experts outside of our school and will be inviting them to visit our lab or Skype with us to share their projects or information.