2007 Award Winners

"Democracy in Action Documentary Project"

Trevor Charles

High school students choose an issue in contemporary society that they feel needs to be addressed. Through recorded authentic interviews, original surveys that are tabulated and analyzed, and in-depth research using valid, high quality sites, students create an edited documentary sharing their opinions and conclusions about the issue chosen. This project exemplifies the integration of 21st century literacies and technologies into the curriculum.

"Life in the Music Room - A Blog for Writing and for Listening"

Karen Howard

Elementary students log on to their music teacher's music blog. There they can listen to their peers and provide feedback via the blog. Audio clips of students singing, music-related events, and scores of student compositions are some of the items found on the blog. As the blog took shape, more and more people participated, including current and former students as well as parents. This project is a wonderful example of using technology to take learning beyond the four walls of the classroom.

"Direct Learning through Video-Conferencing"

Maria-Helena Fisher

Carli Rocha-Reaes

Second grade students and their teachers use video-conferencing to promote collaboration with other teachers and students, raise self-confidence, foster discussion and share their diverse cultures. Video-conferencing provided the opportunity to explore differences and similarities among cultures. Through surveys and bar graphs showing the results, students then used the video-conference to help close the gaps in knowledge and promote diversity. These young students truly demonstrate how technology can be used to help make our world just a little bit smaller.