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****NWEA testing will begin October 3 during their Computer class. Mrs. Stone will be in charge of this. Please be sure your children gets to bed early the night before, and that they eat a large, heathy breakfast. Remind them to take their time and try to answer the questions to the best of their ability.

Hello all third grade families!

What an amazing day today! Your children are adjusting well to our routines and schedule. I am in awe of how kind they are to each other, and how big their morning hugs are for me. They certainly help me start my day feeling loved, and I hope they are feeling the same. Huge shout out to all of you for supporting them and me with the agenda books. I promise it will pay off. I already notice how much more organized they are.

Love, Mrs. Dysart

AGENDA BOOKS...This is new for you and your children. When these come home it is important that you ask your child to see it. Please ask your child to see their book daily, check it for their homework and spelling words, and then sign to acknowledge that you have seen it! (This teaches them to be organized, responsible, and holds them accountable. PLEASE help with this, it will pay off in the end). Also, it is important that your children do their homework nightly. Please support this. I know sometimes we all get busy, but this does serve a purpose, so I appreciate your effort as well!

Our Class Specials Schedule:


Tuesday- PE (please always send sneakers) and LIBRARY (please always send library books back)


Thursday- MUSIC

Friday- ART

****Keyboarding is new to your child this year. We will practice our typing skills in our classroom, as well as visiting Mrs. Stone once a week. (We use, it is an excellent program for them to learn and get practice with...even at home!).

SPELLING --We have a spelling list every week. On Monday, the students are given a pretest of the new list. If they get one wrong or all the words correct, they are given a Challenge list. This becomes their list for the week. I give the challenge words or the spelling list to the students on Monday and they are supposed to write their words in their agenda books. I expect them to work on their spelling words at home on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday as homework. This consists of writing the words in a sentence, rainbow words, unscrambling the words, and abc order. I have encouraged the students to make flashcards if necessary. This is done for repetition. They may also have to finish a page of their spelling packet at home if they haven't done so in class. Their assessment is on Friday for these words.

GRAMMAR -- We are learning grammar everyday. We dedicate 15 minutes a day to this. We start with a new part of speech on Monday. Tuesday we add it to our interactive notebook, and list examples. Wednesday we use it in our writing. On Thursday we review with worksheets, and have a test on Friday. We also are constantly reviewing what we have learned previously.

VOCABULARY -- We are studying vocabulary everyday. We dedicate 15 minutes a day to this. The students are introduced to 5 new words every week. We spend Monday working on the words and the definitions, and they cut out their vocab flashcards. Tuesday we use the words in sentences, and we add synonyms and antonyms for each word. Wednesday we add a WOW word(Word Of Week), bringing our list to 6 words for the week. Our WOW word either has a prefix, suffix, or both. We also work with prefixes and suffixes during this time. Thursday the students illustrate all 6 of their vocabulary words in their journals while working with a partner. On Friday we either have an assessment or we work with their vocabulary words. The intent of this is to add new vocabulary words that they have exposure too.

SOCIAL STUDIES--We are currently having Social Studies on Tuesday and Wednesday for approximately 30 minutes. We are currently working on a community unit, that also includes family and concept of self. More news to follow on this.

SCIENCE--Our Science class is on Thursday and Friday for approximately 30 minutes. The students have this class with Mrs. Grover. More news to follow on what they will be learning.

HANDWRITING--We're learning to write in cursive. We spend about 15 minutes a day learning the formation and the letters. **Just a fun fact that cursive letters may have changed since you learned them in school. Be sure to encourage your children to make the letters the way they were showed in class. I will be sending home a chart so that you can see the correct way the letters are formed.