Commission for Social Justice, Peace, and Aroha

The Commission for Social Justice, Peace, and Aroha is established in the Catholic Diocese of Hamilton to promote the true good of every person and the entire person.

Guided by the light of the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching, the Commission seeks to animate merciful hearts for the needy and suffering, migrants and refugees, the homeless, the imprisoned, the unemployed, the elderly, and mother earth. The Commission is committed to truly honoring Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Commission Members

Paul Shannon - Chair (Cambridge), Margaret Let (Rotorua), Tony Noble (Tauranga) , Dolores Edge (Tauranga), Cynthia Piper (Cambridge), John Kavanagh (Catholic Family Support Services), Carol Heena (Tauranga), Paula Robb (Rotorua) and Alex Bailey (Social Justice Office).

Commission Meetings

The Commission meets four times annually to discuss relevant justice issues and promote solutions, often in the form of submissions to local and national government. Each meeting is a half day (9:00am - 12:30pm) and includes a time of education and formation, usually in the form of a guest speaker. In 2017 the meeting dates are:

  • Sat February 25 - Matamata
  • Saturday June 17 - Te Aroha
  • Saturday October 14 - Rotorua
  • Saturday November 18

If you would like to attend a meeting please email


Submissions prepared by the Hamilton Diocese Social Justice Commission.

Submission to the Cross-party Homlessness Inquiry - 2016