Promoting Catholic Social Teaching to all people of goodwill, including Parishes, Schools, Youth Groups, Chaplaincies, and the wider community. A beating heart of mercy for the vulnerable.

What is Catholic Social Teaching?

Catholic Social Teaching is the body of teaching developed by the Catholic Church on matters of social justice, the environment, poverty and wealth, economics, social organisation, and the role of the state. Catholic Social Teaching promotes development directed towards the true good of every person and the entire person.

Compendium of the Social Doctrine [teaching] of the Church


Educate - Form consciences with Catholic Social Teaching. Raise awareness of important social issues.

Live - Encouraging others to act in accord with Catholic Social Teaching. Promote work, directed towards charity, as an occasion for prayer. Ora et labora!

Advocate to local and national bodies on important issues concerning Catholic Social Teaching and facilitate others to do the same.