The purpose of the Candle in Baptism

We become members of Christ and the Church through the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, is one of these. Among the other signs and symbols, a candle is lit during the celebration. This shows that the person baptized is asked to keep the flame of faith alive in his or her heart.

Candles for Confirmation and First Holy Communion

On the receiving Confirmation and First Holy Communion, a candle may be given by whanau as a gift to be taken home as a permanent reminder of the day when the holy sacrament was first received.

The Use of a Unity Candle in Catholic Wedding ceremonies.

The lighting of a unity candle is not a part of the official Catholic wedding ceremony, however it is a tradition in many families that is welcome to be included.

The ritual of the unity candle is sometimes inserted into a Catholic wedding ceremony following the exchange of vows and rings. The bride and groom each take a smaller lighted candle (or taper). Using those candles, they together light the larger candle in the middle. That’s referred to as the “unity candle.”

The bride and groom then blow out the smaller candles, showing in a symbolic way that their two lives are now blended into one. (As an added tweak, sometimes the mothers of the bride and groom light the two smaller candles at the beginning of the wedding ceremony.)

Candle Makers

Steph Mildon - Steph has been making candles in honour of her mum Val Mildon who initially started this service over 30 years ago.

Melissa Castillo - Melissa makes candles for all occasions.