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* Completed registration packet (all forms at once)
may be emailed to
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St. Matthew  the Apostle
Catholic Pre-K
795 Havens Corners Road
Gahanna, Ohio 43230

Pre-K Tuition

PreK Tuition at Saint Matthew is $7,095 per year. Please check with your parish to see if they will provide you with a tuition grant to help support you in giving your child a Catholic Education.    

Saint Matthew the Apostle Catholic Parish provides practicing and participating members of the parish with such a grant. "Participating membership" at St. Matthew Parish is defined by diocesan policy, and along with Christian discipleship is identified as follows:

All of these strengthen our Christian discipleship and develop stronger relationships within the family, with other St. Matthew School families, the Parish community, and with Jesus Christ.

 Pre-K Tuition for 2023-2024

PK Tuition per Student:  $7,095

Potential Parish Grant:  $2,195

Adjusted PK Tuition:  $4,900

Please note, Pre-K Tuition does not qualify
for a multi-student tuition discount.

The St. Matthew PreK Program does NOT
provide services for students on Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).
For more information please check our PreK Handbook (page 7).

Meet the Teachers

Sr. Paulina
Pre-K Director / Religion Teacher
(614) 557-7571

Mrs. Harker
Pre-K 1 Lead Teacher

Mrs. Garcia
Pre-K 2 Lead Teacher

Mrs. Miller
Pre-K 1 Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Dolan
Pre-K 2 Teacher Assistant

Ms. Chiavacci
Pre-K 1 Teacher Assistant

          Why Choose Us???
*   Math, Science, Technology;
*   Creative Arts, Religion, Music;
*   Social Studies, Spanish, PE;
*   Social and Emotional Development;
*   Literacy, Language, and Communication;
*   Caring and Experienced Staff;
*   Learning Through Play & More!!!

DIG: Develop. Inspire. Grow.
Pre-K Curriculum Promo Video

The goal of our Pre-K Program is to provide an environment that will allow the child to develop socially, intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Pre-K Daily Schedule

8:00-8:35 Opening Circle

8:35-9:00  Large group lesson

9:00-9:15  Snack

9:15-9:45 Recess

9:50-11:00  Centers

11:15-11:45  Lunch

11:55-12:20  Play Time

12:25-12:50  Recess

1:10-1:45  Rest Period

1:50-2:00  Clean Up/Ending Circle

Parent Feedback:

 The Pre-K program at St. Matthew Catholic School has exceeded all of our expectations.  We can literally see our daughter growing academically and spiritually right before our eyes.  She can’t wait to go to school every day and as a two-parent working household, this makes us very happy with our decision to send her to St. Matthew.    We are grateful that our daughter has been given the opportunity to not only learn the skills needed for Kindergarten but equally if not more important – she is growing in her faith daily in a Catholic School environment.  We have found a second home and look forward to being part of the St. Matthew Catholic School family for years to come.  - Chris Skidmore

As the Director of Admissions for a Catholic high school, I see the high caliber of students who graduate from St. Matthew School. Enrolling my children at St. Matthew has always been a goal for my family, and it has been a wonderful experience. Because of his experience in Pre-K, my son has developed a deep interest in faith, has grown academically, and has been embraced socially. When I drop off my son at school, I know I am passing him from my arms to the loving arms of the St. Matthew family.” – Robert and Heather Rush

“The Pre-K program at St. Matthew Catholic School has been such a blessing for our daughter. We love that she is learning in a faith-filled environment with dedicated, caring teachers. We have seen so much growth in her social and academic skills throughout the year, and we know she will be more than ready to start kindergarten in the fall. Thank you for an amazing Pre-K experience!”- Monica and Chris Kowalski

"Our 3 kids started at St. Matthew at 4 years old in the pre-k program. And I cannot say enough great things about this school!  Their pre-K program is just exceptional. The kids have so much fun, learn so much,  and develop a strong sense of faith and kindness at such a young age. I loved listening to their little minds and hearts talk about their time at school each day!  It’s an extremely unique program and an experience you just don’t  find anywhere else!" - A. Klein

"The pre-k program at St. Matthew's is excellent.  I would  recommend it time and again.  Our son was immature and lacked confidence.  He blossomed under the program and continues doing well in school.  Sister Paulina, the director, has each child's best interest at heart and provides an enriched education and a nurturing and structured environment with a strong faith based foundation.  The program helps guide each child on his/her  transition from preschool to elementary and sets them up for future successes". - Stephanie D'Amico

Our mission is to empower our students

 to love and serve God and all others.


Please consider helping St. Matthew the Apostle Catholic School provide the best possible Catholic Education to our students
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