Warrior Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Warrior Institute affect GPA, class rank, and diploma type?

Procedures for computing GPA and class rank are unchanged. Starting with the class of 2019, diplomas will mirror university honors diplomas: Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Cum Laude. Students not earning an honors diploma will receive the Cornerstone Diploma.

2. Will the Warrior Institute require the current daily schedule to change?

No. The 2018-19 school day will be mostly the same as the 2017-18.

3. What is the implementation timeline for current 8th-11th grade students?

There is a 2-year rollout before all courses will be fully implemented. While we are working to implement most of the Warrior Institute for the 2018-19 school year, some features (the Practicum, for example) will not be in effect until 2019-20.

4. How will students know what Academy to join?

Students should discuss their academic/professional interests with their parents, teachers, and CCS’s College and Career office and make their decisions based on those conversations. Further, your child will take various inventories to understand better their gifts, talents, personality, and temperament. These inventories are not meant to limit and define a child for the rest of their life. Rather, the desire is for this new level of self-awareness to be the beginning of a long process of personal development and understanding the plan God has for their life.

5. How will students inform CCS about their Academy selection?

Selection of their Academy and Specialization will normally occur sometime around the child’s 8th or 9th grade year. However, students can participate within the Interdisciplinary Specialization. This specialization is for students who don’t wish to or cannot yet pick an Academy and a corresponding Specialization within that Academy. The Interdisciplinary Specialization allows students to pick and choose courses from all Academies.

6. How will this program affect fine arts and athletics?

CCS students are currently required to take 1 fine arts credit and 1 physical education credit. Those requirements are still in effect in the Warrior Institute.

7. How flexible is this program for students who enroll at CCS after their freshman year or students who want to change academies?

Ideally, it is best for students to make their Academy and Specialization selection before their junior year. However, depending on the previous courses they have taken and the exact specialization they want, selection could be made during their junior year. Please remember the interdisciplinary feature of the Warrior Institute easily accommodates students who change their minds or enroll at CCS after their freshman year. Students must simply earn the minimum required credits to graduate.

8. What is the practicum?

The practicum is a one-half credit internship or research project that seniors (starting with the class of 2020) are required to take. Students can select or even custom-create a practicum that is related to their Academy and/or Specialization as well as personal interests or possible career field.

9. Some of the Warrior Institute course offerings are new. Where can students/parents find descriptions for those courses?

The course descriptions are not available yet. If you are unsure what a course is about, email studentservices@ccwarriors.org with your specific question(s).