Warrior Digital Learning Initiative

CCS Family,

For several years teachers, administration, and technology specialists at Cornerstone Christian Schools have been investigating ways to increase student achievement through the use of technology. This year we adopted G-Suite for Education and strategically placed classroom sets of Chromebooks throughout the school. Our G-Suite and Chromebook programs have been huge successes. As a result, CCS is now ready to take the next step in transforming the way our students create, collaborate, communicate, and critically think.

We are thrilled to launch the Warrior Digital Learning Initiative for the 2018-2019 school year. The Warrior Digital Learning Initiative will ensure every student at CCS K4-12 has access to an internet connected device in order for us to achieve the following goals:

  1. Foster innovative methods of creation, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking for students and teachers at a college preparatory level.
  2. Redefine student learning experiences.
  3. Increase opportunities for analysis of student performance and achievement data through the use of digital formative, summative, and standardized assessments.
  4. Improve access to learning materials and digital curriculum for all students.
  5. Increase the speed and frequency of teacher-to-student and student-to-teacher feedback on assignments and projects.

Warrior Digital Learning Initiative Outline - Start of 2018-2019 School Year

K4-1st Grade - All classrooms will have access to sets of iPads.

2nd-5th Grade - All classrooms will have access to Chromebooks.

6th - 12th Grade - We are updating our school supply list to include an internet connected device. Every student will need to bring their own device that meets the minimum specifications. CCS will not be providing these devices. We have compiled the following list of resources to assist you in purchasing a device if your student does not already own one.

1:1 Program Family Survey (5th-12th Grade Families)

We deeply value our families’ input and ask that all 5th-12th Grade families fill out the survey at the link below. The feedback that you provide will greatly assist us in serving you best: Family Survey

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