TUS Proficiency Learning Systems

Student-centered learning is the driving force behind Twinfield's
proficiency-based learning systems.

This site houses key documents and resources to help teachers and staff support all secondary students within our systems.

Frequently Used Terms

  • Class Meeting: A time for students to meet with their grade level peers to receive targeted information

  • Indicators: Smaller sets of skills and knowledge students must demonstrate in order to meet proficiencies

  • LiFT: A learning management system where students can submit their work, receive feedback from teachers, and track progress toward graduation

  • Habits of Mind: Habits and dispositions that help people be successful

  • Passage Presentations: Formal presentation and reflections of learning students give at the end of 8th, 10th, and 12th grades

  • PBGR: Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements, the collective set of proficiency expectations for high school students

  • PLP: Personalized Learning Plan developed by students focused on connecting goals with learning pathways

  • Proficiencies: Skills and knowledge expectations based on Vermont state standards and CCSS

  • TA: Teacher Advisory, a system to foster relationships and support for students

  • Transferable Skills: A set of skills that allow students to be successful across all content areas and beyond

  • VSAC: Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, a program to helpVermont students of all ages save, plan, and pay for college or career training

Yearlong Overview

Below is an overview of big topics related to learning in a proficiency-based system. These topics are covered throughout the year in various settings including TA and class meetings.

Twinfield Infrastructure Implementation Plan