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Our Mission:

The Danville School Library's goal is to foster a love for learning by making literary resources available to all. We aim for students to form a positive relationship with books by making the library a space where exploration and personalized learning are encouraged and celebrated.

The library is open Monday through Thursday 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM and Friday from 7:30 AM to 2:45 PM. The librarian, Trisha Potter, teaches library class to kindergarten through eighth grade students. The students have one 30 minute block of library each week. During this time, the students listen to stories and practice skills such as text analyses and reading comprehension through discussions and activities. The goal is for student's learning in library class to compliment each grade level's existing goals for language arts. In addition, the Danville School Library aims to get children excited about reading by giving them time to browse through books, check them out, and silent read during class time. Library class will also provide students with the skills and resources to perform research and navigate the web. High school students use the library as a resource and a place to study. They have access to print and online sources to aid them in researching academic or personal interests.

One of our library's goals is to ensure that our collection is up to date. The process of weeding outdated sources from the collection and adding new relevant books is a constant process. It is important to know what is needed to aid in the teaching of the curriculum and what is desired/popular for the student's pleasure reading. For these reasons, the feedback of students and staff is highly prioritized.


Danville School

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Trisha Potter, School Librarian


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