Welcome to Woodland School!

Our Mission:

The mission of Woodland School is to present a safe, stable, and secure learning environment, that translates into a productive school experience, allowing students to achieve their maximum potential.


Angela Cossey

Brazle, Nathan - 6th Grade

Bush, Mitzie - Special Ed

Cocke, Tisha - ESI

Cossey, Angela - Principal

Daniel, Laura - Library

Dawson, Shannon - 6th Grade

Denise, Duke - Secretary

Hackney, Julie - 1st Grade

Hale, Tracy - 8th Grade

Hammox, Suzanne - Speech

Johnson, Taylor - 2nd Grade

Martindale, Larna - 2nd Grade

Moon, Christy - Kindergarten

Mullins, Emily - 4th Grade

Northcutt, Beth - 4th Grade

O'Hara, Pam - 8th Grade

Overall, Ken - Pre-K

Parker, Brian - 7th Grade

Parker, Carla - 5th Grade

Phillips, Amber - 3rd Grade

Sadler, Linda - Bookkeeper

Steffes, Cory - Counselor

Reed, Suzanne - 5th Grade

Sissom, Suzette - 7th Grade

Vickers, Maria - Kindergarten

Whittle, Alice - 1st Grade

Witty, Dawn - 3rd grade