Week of March 18th - March 22nd

Dear Fifth Grade Families,

Here is what is going on this week:

  • Reminders:
    • Please bring in West Point Field Trip questionnaire by Wednesday, 3/20
    • No bus or hot lunch service Thursday, 3/21
    • ½ Day (Noon Dismissal) - Friday, 3/22
    • Jeans Fridays - Bring $1 to participate

Spelling/Vocabulary: Spelling/Vocabulary workbook List #21 “Bible” pages 42-43. Test Friday, 3/22.

Reading: We are continuing to read, Behind Rebel Line by Seymour Reit. A Historical Fiction account of Emma Edmonds during the Civil War. We will using information from the book to create a timeline of events.

Grammar: God's Gift of Language Workbook: We are finishing Unit #7 “Prepositions, Interjections, and Conjunctions”. Test Wednesday, 3/20.

Math: Math in Focus Textbook: We are beginning Chapter #14 & 15 “Three Dimensional Shapes, Surface Area, & Volume”.

Social Studies: Building a Nation Textbook: We are beginning to use Chapter #8 & 9 “The Revolutionary War” for an in class project, The ABC’s of the American Revolution.

Science: Science Textbook: We are finishing Chapter #16 “Stars and Galaxies”. Test Thursday, 3/21.

Bible: Possessing the Land Workbook. We will be continuing on “The Way to God”

Don’t Hesitate to email me at klein@ccsny.org

for any questions/concerns.

Thank you,

Mr. Klein