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When people ask me how long I've been at Copenhagen Central School I am proud to say, "Since I was five."  An unexpected retirement by a bus driver as I was entering high school prevented me from graduating from CCS.  But, all except those four years of my education and career have been spent here.  I believe in this little school.  My mother and father are alumni of this school.  My daughter is an alum of this school.  I am honored and proud to be a staff member of this school. 

Principally Speaking

BOCES Names "Students of the Quarter"

Howard G. Sackett and Bohlen Technical Centers have named their “Students of the Quarter.”  Each instructor is allowed to select one student who has exhibited “outstanding qualities” in their program.  This quarter Patrick Sullivan was selected for his academic achievement in Auto Body I.  Hunter Crauder was chosen for his dependability in Culinary Arts II - Cooking.  Kaitlyn Goutermout was selected for her high academic achievement in Engineering & Design II.  Casey Powis is recognized for his positive influence on the class in Heavy Equipment I.  Congratulations, Patrick, Hunter, Kaitlyn and Casey!


Did You Know?

Laughter really is the best medicine.  Laughter has health benefits including relaxing the whole body, boosting the immune system, protecting the heart, and triggering the release of endorphins (the body’s natural feel-good chemicals).


Children Repeat What They Observe

Do you want your child to follow the rules?  At home?  At school?  At church?  According to, Role Model the Behavior You Want to See From Your Kids, “. . . even when you think your child isn't paying attention, it's essential to be a positive role model for your child. . . . Showing, rather than telling, can be the best way for kids to learn . . .”  In a child’s world, the actions of adults strongly impact learning.  When adults break rules, a child interprets the action as acceptable and that the rules are not important.  What message do you want to send?  Consider that the next time you think about breaking a rule.

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 Embracing Diversity

To help your children become more accepting of the many differences in the people who they will encounter in their lives, take a look at this parent’s guide.

The Importance of Homework

 According to SEDL, “Across five studies, the average student who did homework had a higher unit test score than the students not doing homework ”  For the entire article go to

You can find some tips for helping with homework at Topmarks including: 

· Have a regular routine.

· Have a quiet work environment.

· Set a good example.

· Homework is your child’s, not yours

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And it appears that student brains are more active during homework than during lecture in class!


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