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When people ask me how long I've been at Copenhagen Central School I am proud to say, "Since I was five." An unexpected retirement by a bus driver as I was entering high school prevented me from graduating from CCS. But, all except those four years of my education and career have been spent here. I believe in this little school. My mother and father are alumni of this school. My daughter is an alum of this school. I am honored and proud to be a staff member of this school.


As the 2018-2019 school year commences on September 5th, it is with pleasure that our students are welcomed back into the building for a year of learning, making friends, athletic competitions, and preparation for their futures. Let's make it a great year to remember!

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Preparing for the 1st Days of School

Children of all ages have so many different feelings and reactions to the start of a new school year. Some are excited and ready to go. Others are looking forward to school but are a bit nervous about it. Still others have serious trepidations and don’t want to go at all. Below are a few links to some articles that help parents prepare their children for those first days of school.

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· Helping Your Child Cope with Back-to-School Anxiety (

· 9 Ways to Help Your Child with First Day of School Nerves (

· 11 Tips for Having a Great First Day of School (

Calling Attention to Cell Phone Policy

The cell phone rules have been updated in recent years to provide more support for students in succeeding with their classes. Some highlights are:

· Cell phones may be used between classes and during lunch

· Cell phones may not be used during classes or Learning Center

· Cell phone use without permission during class may/will result in phones being confiscated

Please take a moment to review the student handbook with your child(ren) at home to ensure that the expectations are clear to all. It can be found in the “documents” section on the district’s web page ( Questions may be directed to the main office.

C.C.S. Dress Code

With the arrival of a new school year comes the fall season. As summer winds down, we will still have several beautiful, warm days. Please take a few moments to review the school’s dress code and provide your sons and daughters with a gentle reminder of what attire is appropriate for school and what is not. Some items in their wardrobes may be perfectly acceptable at home or at a picnic, but those same items do not fit the dress code of a public school. Some clothes are highly fashionable when worn in the right settings, but are, unfortunately, not right for the conservative school setting. Thank you for your cooperation.

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