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Hi! My name is Deb Strianese. Since I might spend some time with your child, I thought you might want to know a little bit about me. This is my tenth year teaching at Copenhagen. I will be teaching reading AIS (academic intervention) and RtI (response to intervention). I’m thrilled because I love reading!! I hope that I can pass on just a little of that interest to my students. Reading can take you places! Previously, I taught first, second and third grades for 18 years in the Lakeland District in Westchester County. I graduated (many years ago) from Lowville Academy. I received a B.A. in French Literature and Art History from St. Lawrence University. Then, after working a few years, I received my Masters in Teaching from Pace University in White Plains. I have one daughter who lives in Colorado and I have 1 big dog who lives with me.

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