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Ala Carte Items (Snacks):

PK-5: We ask that you provide a written/verbal note stating your child can get snacks off of their account. We will make a note on your child's lunch account. If there is no note on your child's account we will not permit them to have snacks.

6-12: If your student has money on their account then they are permitted to have snacks unless we are told otherwise.

Milk $.50

Extra main dish $1.10

Snacks range anywhere from $.50-$2.00

We accept cash, online payments or checks made out to Copenhagen Central School. When paying by check, please put your child's name on the bottom of the check. Thank you.

If you have any questions about prepays, breakfasts, lunches, or snacks contact Nicole Grandjean

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How To: Training Site for MySchoolBucks

For More Information and Instructions, CLICK HERE, or call Nicole Grandjean, Cafeteria Manager at 688-4411.

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