CCS Instructional

Technology Facilitators

Meet the ITF Team

L-R (Leslie Harris, Amanda Moose, Alyssa Miller, Cindy Lancaster, Tara Zeller, and Heather Fulbright)

Our Instructional Technology Facilitator Team is made up of former teachers with strong instructional technology backgrounds. Our job is to support teachers and students so they can be successful in implementing high quality, engaging digital learning.

We assist teachers with the integration of NC Information & Technology Essential Standards to improve student achievement, increase student engagement, and build 21st century learners. We also:

  • Work collaboratively with teachers and media coordinators to plan student technology projects
  • Lead technology workshops
  • Assist with technology PLCs
  • Assist schools with their technology plans
  • Support teachers in integrating Google (Drive, Classroom, Sites, etc), Google Expeditions, Personalized Learning, new technology tools, peripheral devices and much more.

Leslie Harris

Cindy Lancaster

Tara Zeller

Alyssa Miller

Heather Fulbright

Amanda Moose