District 66 Winter Challenge Guidelines

Do you want to build a snowman or a snow fort?

Who: Any district 66 resident

What: Create snow art or a snow fort


When: From the month of December through the month of we dare say April?

How: Partner-up with any age-level, group size or even work independently to create this season's most creative snow art or snow fort.

What is snow art? Snow art is a physical and visual representation using snow as the main media source. Your snow art is not limited to the classic "snowman." Think outside the box (animals, futuristic creatures, replicas of people, or even favorite movie scenes/characters etc.).

What is a snow fort/igloo? Be innovative when creating snow forts! Don't just stop at a theme! Think of unique features that a future-ready snow fort might have, think of specific architectural or engineering techniques to allow your fort to stand out!