"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence."


We are an eighth grade team at Holmes Middle School in Wheeling, Illinois. It is our goal to provide students with meaningful experiences that they can carry with them to high school and beyond!

You may contact any one of us throughout the year if you have any questions. Click on a name to be able to email us.

Mr. Feder - Math, Science

Mrs. Jacobs ­- Math, Algebra

Ms. Kessler - Special Education Specialist

Mr. Peterson - Science, Social Studies

Mrs. Rodriguez - Communications

Mr. Share - Communications, Social Studies

Be sure to check the daily homework assignments as well as any special announcements.

Homework Update 2018-2019


A new initiative has begun at Holmes called Step It Up in which students are recognized for making good choices.

To learn more about this new initiative, click here or on the Step It Up page link at the top of this page.

Important Upcoming Dates

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Important Upcoming Dates 2018
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