Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Ms. Whittenburg's Kindergarten class! This year is going to be the best yet! At Stone Elementary School we have a wonderful faculty that desires to see your child grow and learn from day one and that includes every single person your child comes into contact with at our school. We strive to implement the best practices in education along with a growth mindset. I am personally looking forward to a great year and hope to instill a love of learning in every child I teach!

A little bit about me:

I am currently going into my fourth year of teaching. I love teaching, mainly because I absolutely love learning. My parents ingrained this in my heart as a young child and never let it go. Growing up we spent many summers on a deserted island in Appalachicola, FL; Little St. George Island to be exact. If you love to travel to St. George Island, then you have been very close to where we enjoyed our summers. Hop on a boat and go west just a bit. I had the wonderful opportunity as a child to be dropped off on Little St. George Island with my family for week long excursions with no running water, electricity, or anything else to distract us - since my dad was best friends with the wildlife manager at the time. Here is a link that explains a little bit about the island I loved as a child: Little St. George Island

Some facts about me -

  • The most inspiring person in my life: my mom
  • The person I most want to be like in life: my dad
  • My favorite restaurant: Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse!
  • My favorite place to travel: the beach
  • My biggest pet peave: lack of courtesy when driving (the "me first" mentality even if it causes a wreck!)
  • My favorite place to eat in Crossville: Ah Mah and Son (or Cracker Barrel)
  • The profession I would have chosen other than teaching: Marine Biologist
  • One famous person I have met: Dr. John Hattie (okay, he isn't really famous if you aren't in education, but he's famous to me!)
  • What I love about Crossville: the people I know and love, my friends, my church, where I work and where I live
  • Fun Facts: I like to watch The Proposal and laugh until I am blue in the face, once I won a national photography contest, I swim a lot, I used to work in Biotechnology and actually assisted a Molecular Biologist draw out the DNA from a corn plant (yeah, I did that), I wish I had a record player, I can eat Buitoni mushroom and cheese raviolis like they are going out of style , I hate Wal-Mart, Christmas is my favorite time of year - no summer - no Christmas - no summer - yes, summer. I like green olives, I love Greek french fries (if you haven't had these you have to have them, seriously, they are awesome), I have Greek friends and they are so much fun, I love working with Hispanic children in Atlanta, GA on mission trips.
  • A few other facts: I drink french press Starbucks coffee every single morning and do yoga, I love a really good song that can take me to another place, I LOVE to write, I love to eat - basically I love life - I have the most blessed life in the world - my God, my parents, and my kids are why.

When we were on Little St. George Island I would always go arrowhead hunting. Usually I would find a piece of pottery. I still remember how much fun that was; now, I see it as a learning experience. What's so special about pottery?

It's moldable.