Expectations/ Rules

Your child will have a magnet. It will begin on green each day. When (or if) your child breaks a rule, it will be moved down to the next color. At the end of each day, your child will color his/her behavior chart to match their color on the chart in the room. You need to initial in the appropriate box each night. This helps me to know that you know how your child has behaved each day. Students can also move up to pink and purple for exceptional behavior.

Below is a list of our classroom rules and rewards.

Rules: 1.) Quiet during lessons, work time, and hallway.

2.) Stay in your seat unless you get permission to get up.

3.) Respect others/ Keep hands, feet, objects to self.

4.) Stay on task and complete work in a timely manner.

5.) Respect your teacher/ Listen and follow directions.

Rewards: 1.) Praise

2.) Good notes home

3.) Stickers

4.) Treats/ Parties

5.) Extra recess time

6.) Coyote Cash

Minor Offenses:

a) hurtful words

b) physical contact with peers

c) not following directions

d) incomplete work as a result of off-task behaviors (playing, talking, etc.)

e) disruptions (blurting out, making noises, out of seat, etc.)

f) disrespect (lying, taking things that do not belong to them, destruction of property/school supplies, eye rolling, pouting, back talking, ignoring directions, refusing to answer questions)

g) bullying – 1st offense (teasing, taunting, being rude to others, etc.)

h) minor infractions outside of the classroom (hallway, office, lunchroom, restroom, special areas, playground, bus room, RTI)

Minor offenses will be dealt with in your child’s classroom based on the teacher’s classroom discipline/positive behavior plan.

Major Offenses:

a) fighting

b) theft

c) major property damage

d) defiance (complete refusal to follow directions, physical contact with an adult)

e) on-going vulgar language

f) bring dangerous objects in backpack

g) on-going bullying (direct threats to peers)

h) consistent minor infractions (repeatedly breaking classroom rules without responding to previous consequences – see minor consequences)

Major offenses will result in an office referral.

**Teacher discretion will be used for all behaviors but will not be limited to the list above.