Day 1

Day 1: August 13th, 2019

Session Topics for Teachers:

(Topics are subject to change)

Promoting STEM Through Literature

New to spreadsheets? No worries - come as you are!

7 Steps to Make Learning More Accessible

Supporting Tomorrow’s Talent, Today: Employer Engagement & MI Bright Future

Google MyMaps for Your Classroom

A New "Standard" of Planning

What is FERPA? Protecting Student Privacy

Tips and Tricks for Spreadsheets and Beyond

Seesaw-Sharing Learning, Connecting Families, and Increasing Engagement

One Notebook to Rule them All: How OneNote changes the School of Learning In and Out of the Classroom


Google VR Tour Creator for Education

LMS Smackdown: Google Classroom vs. Schoology

Small town, Big Tech

Paperless - pipe-dream or practical? Enter Evernote!

Tech in an Elementary Classroom

Let's Team Up! Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Doing More with Desmos

LMS Integration: The Pathway to Learning, Tech Integration & Data Analysis

Technology Resources for Students with Disabilities

Student Led Conferences using Google Slides

Totally Talented! Unlocking Creativity with 20 Time

Screencasting for Beginners

Intro to PearDeck

Personalized Learning? LMGTFY.

Inform, Improve, & Impact Student Growth using Illuminate

Advanced Excel

Travel the World With Google Lit Trips

But I Hate the Sound of My Voice... Screencasting for Everybody, Even You

Google Help Me Find That File